Family Photo Style Tips from Sweet Light Studio

By: Alli Jagoda of Sweet Light Studio
#1 Be You
Be sure to select clothes that fit your family’s personal style. You all want to feel confident and comfortable so stick to items you know will give you that freedom.
Comfortable Clothes = Happy Kids
TIP: Try on your outfits well in advance of the session to ensure clothing ( and shoes ) fit well and give yourself time to shop for any desired changes!
#2 Add Layers
Layering up your clothing can give a natural depth and style to your photos. Layering vests, jackets or scarves, hat or a piece of statement jewelry can be all you need.
TIP: Wear glasses? Hopefully your leses are anti-glare. If not your optometrist may be able to pop the leses out for you prior to your shoot.
#3 Matchy- Matchy
This is the part that has most parents frozen with fear. “ HOW ON EARTH WILL WE BE ABLE TO MATCH- WITHOUT US ALL WEARING THE SAME OUTFIT?!”
 I came up with a foolproof formula that works perfect for groups of any size. Choose no more than 2 colors and mix in as many neutrals ( this includes denim ) as you need! 
This formula will keep the group looking coordinated with effortless style that doesn't look forced. Everyone should have at least 1 of the colors represented in their wardrobe, but you don’t need both.
TIP: Need some inspiration? No shame in copying a mannequin at your favorite store to get the ball rolling. Then use that as the inspiration to match the other family member’s outfits too.
#4 The End In Mind
Think ahead... if you know which room you want to display your portraits in, it is a good idea to match the color and tone of your clothing choices with the colors in your space. 
That way your portraits perfectly blend with your decor.
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