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Charlie's Mindful Adventures By the Sea

Charlie's Mindful Adventures By the Sea

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Introducing "Charlie's Mindful Adventures by the Sea" - A Sensory Journey of Mindfulness for Kids! Join Charlie, the lovable weighted puppy, on a delightful sea adventure with Alexis. This captivating book teaches kids essential mindful techniques to slow down, stay present, and explore their senses in the exciting world around them. Encourage sensory awareness, mindfulness, and self-discovery with this beautifully written and illustrated book by our Founder, Jacqueline, and talented artist Chloe Jasmine. Printed on 150gsm art-grade paper, this 25x25cm book promises a tactile and visually stimulating experience, enhancing sensory exploration. Exclusive to Mindful & Co Kids, "Charlie's Mindful Adventures by the Sea" makes a meaningful gift choice for back-to-school or a thoughtful baby gift, cultivating a love for mindfulness and joyful sensory experiences.


• Made in China
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